Ichtus Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful, peaceful house built on a dune hilltop. A sea view can be enjoyed from all its spaces. Soak in the expansive ocean scenery each morning over breakfast tastefully prepared by your hostess, Vanessa and her able staff.

With its thatched roof, the house is kept comfortably cool during the summer months but warm and cozy during winter. Escape from the rest of the world while curled up on a roomy sofa in one of three seating areas in the house. Read a book or just gaze at the sea from any area in the house.

The main beach and lagoon is only two kilometers from the house. The long beach invites casual walks, energising runs and all round family fun. Both children and adults can cool off with a refreshing swim in the lagoon.

Ichtus Seafront B&B is a cosy place for weary travelers to stay and catch their breath. We strive to give each guest the best experience we can.