At Ichtus we try to make every guest feel welcome and at home.

We have a sumptuous breakfast every morning, Wi-Fi, television in every room, a coffee station where you can make your own coffee or tea in the comfort of your room. Each room also has its own small fridge. Each room also has a hairdryer, towels are provided, bedding is changed every 3-4 days, rooms are serviced every day. Each room has its own seating area and a balcony or verandah where they can sit and enjoy the view if they do not wish to use the areas available in the rest of the house.

We have three bedrooms and can accommodate six adults and up to two children in two of the rooms, Private bathrooms and coffee facilities. Shared breakfast area and seating areas in rest of the house.

Ichtus Seafront B&B is a cosy place for weary travelers to stay and catch their breath. We strive to give each guest the best experience we can.